Cabaret Hotline Online, March 23, 2009, Anne Steele Returns With “Strings Attached” by Stu Hamstra

Kenny Davidsen, the music director and arranger on piano. “Strings Attached” daringly re-imagines an array of pop songs, using lush string orchestrations to coax out latent meanings.”


The New York Times, Thursday, March 19, 2009 “Rubbing Elbows in Song, Britney Spears and Sondheim” by Stephen Holden

Piano (Ms. Steele’s musical director, Kenny Davidsen) But even at her softest (“Here, There and Everywhere,” handsomely arranged for the strings by Mr. Davidsen)


The Metropolitan Room, Tuesday, March 17, 2009 “Back By Popular Demand! Anne Steele “Strings Attached”

“Strings Attached,” with music direction by Kenny Davidsen, re-imagines an array of pop song standards. The resulting intersection of pop and traditional sensibilities includes songs by Britney Spears, Pink, Queen, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan and Stephen Sondheim among others.”


Broadway Blogs , Monday February 23, 2009 Anne Steele at The Metropolitan Room By Michael Dale on

“Steele’s program, Strings Attached, has music director/pianist Kenny Davidsen arranging a mixed bag of popular hits – ranging from Bob Dylan to Britney Spears to Stephen Sondheim to Charlie Chaplin – for guitar, violin, cello, bass and supporting vocals. His sterling work is loaded with movement, elegance and occasional humor.” “Davidsen’s arrangements give each song a fresh sound.”


Backstage February 19, 2009 “Anne Steele: Strings Attached” by David Finkle

“The title referring to the violin and cello for which music director and arranger Kenny Davidsen has written ear-catching parts”


BackStage, Bistro Bits, April 25, 2003 “Goodnight, Baby “ by David Finkle

“…[Kenny Davidsen] has his own verve and turn of mind, and that combo gives this collection of love-gone-wrong and love-gone-right songs distinguishing oomph. The instrumentation and backup singing is elaborate. In another time and place, when radio play was somewhat less controlled that it is today, more than one of these cuts would be programmed. “If You Belonged To Me” is one, along with the absolutely beautiful “Float Away.” He does that one without anything supporting him but his own echo-chambered voice and nimble piano fingering.”


Electronic Link Journey, April 2003 “Goodnight, Baby” by Laurie Lawson

“Kenny Davidsen’s debut CD “Goodnight, Baby,” should be dedicated to those who have loved and lost and loved again. Songs driven by the hope or promise or disappointment of love are almost like anthems to the human spirit. Each has a concise, gentle beat manipulated by Davidsen’s passionate voice…” “Conversation Killer” and “Start Anew” are almost playful, while the sincerity in the title song and “I’ve Touched Your Life" comes through loud and clear. “Falling Down (Won’t Let You Out)” does a clever slide from blues into rock. “Goodnight, Baby” is an interesting first album by a multi-talented performer you’ll probably be hearing more from in the future”.


Muse’s Muse-Music Review, September 15, 2003, “Goodnight, Baby” by Stacey Board “

…[Goodnight, Baby] is a collection of piano-based pop highlighted with Davidsen’s vocals. He’s got good power and range and a bit of that full soulful sound…. Davidsen has a talent for melody and the unpredictable in his arrangements…There is an innocence to the melody…But he happily doesn’t fit neatly into any one style. He stretches pop in all sorts of directions. He is not missing a sense of humor, as he shows in songs like “Conversation Killer”. Fans of a wide range of piano based pop will be happy with this CD.”


Village Voice, April 27, 2003, by David Finkle

“Kenny Davidsen, A piano man who writes his own tunes and gives them high-pitched and gritty interpretations. The gig is in honor of the Goodnight, Baby CD release. He seems to be aiming more at Top 40 than cabaret, but there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t Tell Mama, at 9.


Michael Douglas blog spot, April 29, 2003, by Peter Dizozza

“It’s great to hear Kenny Davidsen’s CD, Goodnight Baby, which is production perfect. I hope you like Queen. I hope you like songs getting stuck in your head. He’s phenomenal, and rather personal.


Cabaret Hotline CD Release News, June 5, 2003, “Kenny Davidsen To Release Singer/Songwriter Album” by Stu Hamstra

“This singer/songwriter album explores the ins and outs and ups and downs of Davidsen’s eclectic musical technique. Blending musical styles with delicious melodies, tantalizing piano grooves, and elaborate harmonies, Davidsen propels his audience through a distinctive musical experience. Davidsen’s amazing musical talent always gets people talking."


Backstage, Bistro Bits, September 6, 2002, “Three Not Yet Ready, But
One’s a Go” by David Finkle

On my way out the Duplex door, I heard downstairs piano bar fixture Kenny Davidsen chanting Paul Simon’s [“Still Crazy After All These Years”], and he demonstrated how it can be delivered.”


IMPROV REVIEW, October 11, 2001, “Getting Back to Silly by Jeff Catanese

“….even without a solid construction, the song was well sold with Ms. Fogarty especially showing a terrific voice and wise turn of verse. The song itself tread in the area of pop-musical and was beautifully played by pianist Kenny Davidsen and supported by all of the players.”


Good Times Magazine, February 9, 2001, “ The Funny Sheesh Game Show” by
Jay Burstein

Starring Kenny Davidsen, Sharon Fogarty, John Hartmann,…”Without a doubt, this improvisational group are laugh-out-loud funny”…”the cast was consistently fast and funny. These guys are good!”


A Special 2000 New York Anti Folk Festival Program issue of Anti Matters,
August 6, 2000, by Jon Berger

“Bringing a pure pop sensibility to the piano and the Fort, Kenny Davidsen plays songs that are bitter and beautiful, powerful and precise. Composer of a virtual anthem to show business performers, “Raw Sound,” Kenny Davidsen combines musical theater culture with that of AntiFolk into a new art-form unseen before.”


Fortified Records Presents: The Summer Antifolk Festival 1999 by Jon Berger

“Kenny Davidsen’s upcoming live CD, 88 Broken Strings, is very appropriately named. When Kenny plays piano, he plays it hard. Playing fast or slow… Kenny is always accomplished and always powerful…Just smart enough for his own good, Kenny Davidsen writes the songs that the whole world does yet sing. But they will.”


AntiMatters, January, 1999 by Wayne Gladstone

“…Kenny is a superb accompanist and musician…Kenny’s writing equals his impressive playing ability.” …”Kenny rocked a full house.”


AntiMatters, January, 1999 by Peter Dizozza

“Kenny Davidsen melodiously reminds listeners that the piano is a PERCUSSION INSTRUMENT!” “With material that is lushly, harmonically innovative, he’s advancing the piano into new realms of sound production…”

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